Yage Kit 2

Ayahuasca Kit 2 (or ‘yage’) is a magic potion that has been brewed for millennia by Indian shamans (a.k.a. ‘vegetalistas’ or ‘ayahuasqueros’) in the Amazon rainforests of South-America. The potion is used to make contact with the spirit world, in the Western world better known as the (collective) unconscious.

The nature of Ayahuasca, also known as Yage sets it apart from almost all other hallucinogens. The content and quality of these visions point towards a completely overwhelming occult scenario for the user. Users also seem to see the experience as real, not a "hallucination" in the usual sense of the word, and a portal to other worlds which exist alongside our own.


Ayahuasca is in fact the name of a brew that always consists of a combination of at least 2 plants, one of these plants contains a MAO-inhibitor, while the other one contains DMT. DMT normally is not active orally but becomes active when taken together with MAO inhibitors. It is a powerful visionary and spiritual brew used for ages by the Shamans in Peru for healing and spiritual purposes. They believe Ayahuasca heals your spirit, soul and body.

Ingredients: Mimosa Hostilis & Banisteriopsis Caapi.


Ayahuasca kit 2
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