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Ayahuasca Kits, a brand of Amsterdam shops, was built in 1996. Our focus is the sale of fresh ethnobotanicals and products with ayahuasca ingredients.

Our ten-plus years of experience set us apart from the entrepreneurs now jumping on the bandwagon with a dream of riches yet failing to comprehend the psychological and spiritual importance of ayahuasca.

24/7 ordering, worldwide shipping, and numerous, positive customer reviews are just part of the reason we have become the perfect one-stop-shop.


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We provide only top quality products and personal support and guidance as we do everything we can to provide you with competitive pricing. We are customer-oriented and look for solutions to your challenges.

Allowing us the opportunity to earn your business is all about mutual trust, faith, and collaboration. Our clients keep returned as they know their next order will be met with the same commitment to consistency, quality, and attention.

Ayahuasca  is Not A Party Favor

Group therapy in 2017 Hollywood finds a shaman from the Amazon River basin performing an ayahuasca ceremony for Lindsay Lohan, Jim Carrey, and other celebrities. Elsewhere in the valley, a critical mass of the city's ‘urban hippies' gathers in groups on their way to enlightenment.

The celebrities and guests sit in a circle on mattresses with buckets, and toilet paper rolls near by. A man in the center, wearing Peruvian cotton and feathers will administer the muddy tea boiled from chacruna leaves and ayahuasca — one of the planet's most potent psychedelics. The shaman will watch over the participants as they imbibe, have life-altering visions and a lifetime of psychiatric treatment — all at once.

Known in plant medicine as ‘the little death,' the active ingredient is DMT. Classified as a Schedule 1 drug in America, the dangers haven't hindered its Hollywood fans. According to the host, a Hollywood psychiatrist, "On any given night in Los Angeles, there are about 70 to 100 circles being held."

Among the group with Carrey and Lohan are a movie producer, a fashion designer, a screenwriter and a life coach. Each has handed over several hundred dollars to be a part of the latest ‘craze.' "It's hardly what you would call a party," reminds the Psychiatrist.

The circles are BYOB — bring your bucket — for the purgative effects from one end or the other, or both.

It's not a party which should be guided by the untrained and inexperienced. As numerous companies seek to profit from ayahuasca, there have been multiple problems.

Several deaths related to untrained supervision while using the drug unsupervised happened especially among people with heart ailments and high blood pressure.

Genuine ayahuasca devotees are bothered by the ‘hip factor' and the idea that a potent healing beverage has gotten trendy.  Experienced users caution against consuming ayahuasca when one, or several, well-trained shamans aren't present.

Downside — Many Jump In For The Cash

Despite the death toll, the overwhelming popularity of ayahuasca has triggered many entrepreneurs to look toward the concoction as their road to riches. Few experts blame the drink itself.

Alan Shoemaker, the organizer of an annual shamanism conference, says, "Ayahuasca is one of the sacred power plants and is non-addictive. The plant has been used for thousands of years and dying from overdoses almost impossible."

Still, no one monitors the online sellers, their claims or their credentials. Despite many ayahuasca-takers' struggle with depression, few retailers care to inquire about antidepressants like Prozac which can be deadly when mixed with the drink.

The growing number of unethical online sellers offering to train individuals to make and serve the brew isn't being monitored either. People study for years to be a qualified practitioner. "You can't become one in a few weeks," says Roger Rumrrill, an author who has written several books on shamanism.

The majority of ayahuasca trips are safe and positive, but things can get out of hand. "Missing doesn't make you witch," says Shoemaker. "It makes you a criminal.

Sleazy Sellers May Mix In Toé

AyahuascaKits’ clients are persons who want to reap the benefits of ayahuasca inside their environment with a ‘sitter.' Not everyone wants to travel to Peru for the benefits which include an increasingly widespread use as a tool for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

AyahuascaKits has been importing fresh ayahuasca since 1998 and is the first company to make ayahuasca self-contained packets available. Containing well-dried ingredients harvested by native tribes and dried 100%, the components are shipped in special packaging. This differentiates Ayahuasca Kits from the late-comers who bag-and-stash unscreened ayahuasca which often contains the deadly toé, a member of the nightshade family.

Skilled shamans use toé in tiny amounts, but irresponsible sellers have been known to dose buyers with it to give the Disneyland light shows they expect.

Ayahuasca has been popular and in demand in South America for centuries. Only in the late 20th century has demand reached into Europe and North America. Regulatory agencies are still studying the substance as are numerous medical communities.

Ayahuasca has been proven safe and effective when used properly under the supervision of an experienced guide and purchased from a reputable seller.

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