An Ayahuasca Trip Report: Baptized by Ayahuasca

Note: This is a submission from one of our customers who tripped on ayahuasca for the first time.


It’s so hard to fit my experience into words. Words are confining and don’t really grasp the whole picture. Words don’t capture my thoughts and the way I felt. The sensations. But I’ll try my best. Here it goes. I really wish there was a way to transfer my experience to you the reader through the webpage. That’s almost how it felt when I was on my ayahuasca trip. I wanted to write this ayahuasca trip report to help conceptualize my experience and try to really digest it fully after the trip.


Even though it’s been over a week, all I can think about is my trip on ayahuasca. It’s like I was baptized. I feel completely reborn. I feel like the earth made me into a brand new person.


But, before I get into the details, let me provide you with the background and the situation leading up to my trip on ayahuasca.

I Never Thought I’d Participate In an Ayahuasca Ceremony

I guess it’s all part of growing up, but I just never thought i’d be the type to take part in an ayahuasca ceremony. I guess we all go through certain phases. I remember being in middle school saying I’d never try smoking weed. But there I was with some friends “puffing the magic dragon” my junior year of high school. Like many others do.


Buy ayahuasca… that sounded too exotic. Too uncommon. It almost left a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it.


Until it didn’t. Something inside me flipped. What changed inside me, I’m not sure. But I finally decided I’d be willing to try ayahuasca. I had a couple friends who have done ayahuasca a couple times and I was always out off by the idea. Sure, it sounded fucking amazing when they described it, btu I thought i’d be taking things too far.


I thought I was just a normal, regular person. I’d never touch that.


Our Own Little Ayahuasca Retreat


Until my friends and I planned a little “zen retreat” in the mountains. We often go up to the mountains on weekend, but this time was going to be a little bit different. This last time last week would change the rest of my life forever (I mean at least it feels that way for now a week later. We’ll see how long it lasts. All i know is that I feel 100% new, clean and rebirthed from the earth!).


The weather has been nice so we pitched a tent and all got in. I’d consider myself and my friends to be spiritual people. We’re into meditating and getting out into nature and connecting souls. We like to break free from modern life and go into the woods.


Basically, the first day we did all the normal stuff. Found some natural hot springs, went hiking, sun bathing, played the guitar. Told stories around the campfire. Roasted food and snacks over the campfire. Smoked a little ganja. Meditated a lot and practiced looking into eachothers’ pupils. Just regular stuff.

Then It Got Real…

Then, Saturday night came. I was a little bit nervous leading up to it if I’m being completely honest. But I had my really good friends there so that helped ease my worry. By the way, you have nothing to worry about. It will probably all go smooth, you just need to let go. I tend to be a bit more anxious than the average person so that explains the nerves.


So, since I didn’t know the first thing about Ayahuasca, my friends made the brew for us to drink. I didn’t really pay attention to the process, but it seemed easy. They just boiled the ayahuasca like a tea and that was it. Before, we all focused on getting in the right headspace by meditating.


Being out in nature was the best place to take ayahuasca. It was always super reassuring to look up to the stars, scattered across the sky like freckles. We sat around the campfire, then it was time…


I took a drink of ayahuasca and swallowed it down. I can’t lie, it was not great tasting. But you’ll be able to get it down.


I didn’t eat that much since I was worried I’d throw up (luckily I didn’t throw up though I did feel slightly nauseous).


I looked back up to the sky and sat closely with my friends. We were all in this together! I felt at peace knowing that and started meditating. The next sensations that overcame my body were like anything else in the world.


I was meditating, focusing on my breathing. In. Out. In. Out.


Then, I noticed I got into that “deep” state of meditation super fast, and much deeper than normal. Kind of like those “magic eye” optical illusions that you have to look at in the correct way. I was in a trance like that with my meditation. It was a gradual transition form my meditative state to my state of baptism with ayahuasca.


And that’s where my life completely changed.


My friends knee was touching mine, and it felt like we morphed into one. We became a single soul. Our physical bodies seemed to morph together and flow like waves. But, it didn’t end there. This feeling spread to all of my friends that were scattered around me. Any level of separateness was cracked open and we all seemed to morph together.


The Moment of Baptism in My Ayahuasca Ceremony

Basically, this feeling of deep connection continued on and on. I felt like I was dying. And dying and dying all over again. And dying some more. It was an Alice in Wonderland moment; I was going deep into a rabbit hole and I wasn’t sure where it’d end, or if it would even end at all.


Then, the part that transformed my entire being: the Earth was sucking me in. I could feel my entire body go to the center of the earth. Down to the core. It would spit me right back out. Past the layers of dirt and mud and water and clay. Past worms and rocks and roots of trees, right up to the earth again.


Then it’d repeat. Almost like nature was rushing through me like a waterfall.


When I got done with the trip, the sitter was telling me how I was moving like a newborn baby. And that’s exactly how I’d describe it. It was a rebirth. Ayahuasca allowed me to get baptised into the water, then out, then in, then out. Until I was clean.


I now feel like I’m ready to face the world as a new person. I have fresh ideas and a new perspective.

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