8 Important Things You Should Know About Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca has been making headlines in the Western world lately. What used to be a plant used to heal tripes exclusively in the Amazon rainforest region has now expanded from tight-knit communities to mainstream circles. You’re not going to get any confused faces when you mention ayahuasca, most likely, as its popularity grows. Part of the reason for the growth spurt in popularity and use in the west is due to its profound healing, entheogenic effects.


In case you’re wondering about what it’s like to take ayahuasca and what you’ll gain from the experience, here are 15 important things you should know about the “spirit vine.”

1. Ayahuasca is Not a Hallucinogenic; It’s Entheogenic

Many people mistakenly think of ayahuasca as being a hallucinogen like magic mushrooms and the drug acid. But, on the contrary, it’s actually classified as an entheogenic. This is because ayahuasca creates powerful internal images. Ayahuasca is more about introspection and creating visions, rather than full-fledged illusions as with hallucinogenic.

2. You’ll Feel When You’re Ready for Ayahuasca

Taking ayahuasca is almost comparable to getting a first tattoo. Sure, getting a tattoo is trendy and can look “cool”, but for many people they wait and take the time to reflect before marking their body permanently. They want the experience of getting a tattoo and the tattoo itself to be meaningful. That’s kind of how I’d explain taking ayahuasca. It’ll likely be on your mind for quite some time before you actually decide to take ayahuasca. You may even decide to travel all the way to South America just to take part in a ceremony with the spirit vine. When you feel a completely, undeniable attraction to ayahuasca you’ll know it’s time.


3. Ayahuasca is Sacred, Not Something to Take at a Party

Since the spirit vine ayahuasca isn’t a drug, it’s not intended to be taken in a social environment with crowds of people and music blasting. In fact, the best scenario has very little external stimulation and should be dark in order to focus on the inward, entheogenic effects of ayahuasca. That’s why you need to take ayahuasca with just a handful of friends or like minded individuals at an ayahuasca facility with a reputable shaman.

4. Ayahuasca Must Be Eased Into

If you remember the first movie of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone you’ll likely recall that scene where Harry and the gang enter the chamber and have to get past the tar-like vines that sucked them in. Instead of squirming and wiggling, the three had to relax and be sucked in by the black tar-like roots that covered them. Then they fell through. Or, think of it like quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink in. You have to be patient and give yourself into the experience. Don’t panic and don’t rush. Let the experience of the spirit vine embrace you and don’t resist.


5. Ayahuasca Unlock Subconscious Thoughts and Memories

One thing about ayahuasca is that it’ll bring things forward that you try to avoid, that you have forgotten or that you didn’t even know existed. Ayahuasca always brings forward not the experience you want, but rather the experience you need. Everything you’ve hidden from yourself will be brought forward to the surface. If you’ve been lying to yourself or avoiding certain memories, ayahuasca can help heal those wounds by bringing it from your subconscious to your conscious mind.

6. Ayahuasca is Not “Terrifying” But It Can Be Scary To Encounter Something New

You may have heard of several horror stories about ayahuasca. But, it’s important to look at them within context. Ayahuasca was likely showing them something about themselves that scared them. It’s totally normal to be frightened by something new, but ayahuasca in itself is not the cause of the fear. Rather it's a fear of something the user has in his or herself.


Taking ayahuasca is like driving a car or going on a scary rollercoaster. They may be fighting experiences at first, until you learn how to maneuver the streets behind the steering wheel or you learn to raise your hands on the rollercoaster. It’s all about perspective. Easing into it and changing your mind will help limit your “terrifying” experiences.

7. You’ll Become a Better Person After Ayahuasca

The effects may not happen right away, but you’ll find that over time something inside of you has changed. It doesn't just happen overnight or during the experience with the spirit vine. Rather, it takes weeks to potentially a few months for the body and the mind to sync and absorb all that has happened. There are energetic changes that were made in your body during the trip with ayahuasca that takes time to manifest itself physically. That’s why you will notice the most profound effects of ayahuasca happen several weeks later.

8. Ayahuasca WIll Not Magically Solve All of Your Problems

Traditionally, ayahuasca had only been used by shamans t heal their local villages. In recent years, ayahuasca has been hijacked and rebranded as a cure-all for every little negative thing in your life. From drug addiction to depression and anxiety (Which it has been proven to help with). But, that doesn't mean your problems are going to vanish. You’re going to have to put in the work yourself and make changes to your life. Nothing in this world is going to completely rid you of your problems. Rather, ayahuasca provides a different perspective and a look within yourself in order to find the best solutions for the problems you’re facing in life.


What Have You Learned From the Spirit Vine?

If you haven’t had an experience with ayahuasca, it’s highly recommended that you do. You may find something entirely new about ayahuasca or yourself. These are nine things that you can expect when you take ayahuasca. Just remember to sit back and enjoy the experience. The plant will guide you through the entire experience. Ayahuasca presents what you need to be presented with. Sometimes you just need to sit back and let the power of the plant take over.

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